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I am John Vindahl Fabienke, the founder of arqitekta. I have a long background as an infrastructure architect with a top tier american outsourcer. During my tenure there, I have worked with some of the largest customers, some of the largest transformation projects and lead teams of more than a hundred architects regionally.

My ambition was to create a management consulting company solely focused on providing world-class infrastructure transformation disciplines to end-customers.

I have had the opportunity to work alongside many great infrastructure architects. Many of these I have personally trained and seen them grow capable of taking on ever-bigger challenges. Many of them are now working as freelancers around the world.

This has given me a network of top-level technologist, who I am able to call into play on customer projects of any size. It is a highly flexible and mobile workforce who can work in most geographies and within most industry verticals.

We share a common technical background and follow the same methodology,

John Vindahl Fabienke
John Vindahl FabienkeFounder

and we call ourselves…


High-level infrastructure architects have traditionally been situated with technology vendors in presales roles or with very large service providers such as outsourcers in customer account roles.

For instance, as the lead architect or CTO for an outsourced company, embedded in the outsourcer’s account team. This role would usually own the technology space of the account and be a member of the customer’s architecture governance board. The main responsibilities would be day-to-day management of architects working on the customer’s projects and execution of the outsourcer’s transformation strategy for that customer. The role would also work with the customer on technology strategy, but often in the context of the outsourcer’s interest.

As the age of mega-deals within outsourcing is generally considered over and multi-sourcing and public cloud has taken an increasingly larger wallet-share of outsourced IT, the role of the lead architect has changed dramatically.

For the outsourcer, not owning the full scope of IT of the customer, having a high-level architect embedded on a customer account is not economically feasible, when you are only selling for instance desktop services.

This means that organizations who now have a mixture of in-house IT, some areas outsourced to multiple service providers as well as an emerging public cloud strategy, they are now beginning to feel a skills gap with regards to end-to-end infrastructure governance and architecture.

This is a trend that is only growing stronger as public cloud becomes a larger part of the corporate IT environment, as you don’t get much, or any, architectural assistance from the big 3 public cloud providers.

Great architects who can comprehend a company’s entire infrastructure portfolio have always been in scarce demand and with the advent of the above described paradigm shift it can be next to impossible to recruit or even salary them.

This is where arqitekta can help…


As we have no association with outsourcers or public cloud providers, we can truly be your trusted advisor.

It is no secret that architects working for outsourcers will always optimize the customer’s infrastructure to better suit the outsourcer. This can be in the form of moving infrastructure to the outsourcer’s own data centers and to utilize leveraged infrastructures in those centers.

This is not always in the customer’s interest. On one hand you might get a cost savings from leveraging sunk investments but you pay a higher exit-fee by having to transform yourself out of the outsourcer’s data centers when you chose to insource or to award your business to the competing outsourcer.

Having an arqitekta in-house lead architect or CTO gives you full alignment between your business and your IT strategy and interests.


Although we are highly trained and certified in various vendor’s technologies we are not married to any of them. We don’t sell hardware or software, only our consulting services.

We therefore consider ourselves truly technology agnostic, which should benefit the end-customer from both a technology and a commercial angle. The notion ‘if you got a hammer, all problems look like nails’ does not adhere to us. We use the technology best suited or which the customer prefers.


Our focus area is Northern Europe with an emphasis on the Scandinavian countries in particular.

Besides this we have worked in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland and Russia among others.

We cover five languages fluently and a our consultants either constantly or at least regularly work abroad.


I have made it a principle to only employ people I have personally worked with on programs or projects or people that these architects would recommend.

These architects all have ratings of A6 and above and have worked across several geographies and industry verticals.

They are senior architects with at least 6 years of dedication solely towards infrastructure architecture and each have numerous industry certifications.


We built the company ground up to be an international company.

Today we are incorporated in Denmark and in Lithuania. All our processes and work tools are designed to enable fluidity of location and nationale.

Our professional network spans freelancing architects and employees in the United States, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania.


Our pitch can be summed up in one word: Experience.

If you value a methodology driven approach and want to leverage the best skills in the industry for your infrastructure transformation program, be sure to book a meeting with arqitekta.