Application portfolio discovery

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Application portfolio discovery

All transformations begin with a thorough discovery phase. From experience, CMDBs and manually maintained spreadsheets or databases do not describe a company’s infrastructure accurately enough or in a timely enough fashion.

This is why arqitekta has developed a machine assisted rapid wall-to-wall discovery method that finds all endpoints, inventories servers, network and storage and finds logical relationships between systems. This is all done without installing agents on servers and is highly un-intrusive.

From starting the discovery it typically takes 2-3 weeks to obtain a 98% accuracy of the environment. By looking at communication between production systems and identifying the protocols used, we can derive the application type as well as integrations between disparate systems.

Using the relationship information we can group servers into systems and systems into landscapes. Thus we can start to describe the entire application portfolio of the customer’s data center.

This provides us the basis for further analysis in planning the transformations.

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