Oracle license right-sizing

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Most IT shops have an Oracle footprint. Whether we might only be talking Oracle databases or we are talking the whole enchilada of Oracle middleware, analytics and Oracle engineered stacks, such as SuperCluster, Exadata or Exalogic, no one seems to be able to escape Oracle as a vendor. With Oracle’s ever-changing licensing rules and policies, [...]

Transformation of storage environments

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Depending on industry, storage amounts to 15-30% of the total infrastructure budget. Furthermore, storage consumption grows 20-40% on a yearly basis and cost of capacity decreases by only 12-18% a year. This means that careful planning is needed when laying out a strategy for a corporation’s storage platform to ensure that the cost is contained [...]

Design of high-performance compute environments for machine learning

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Until now, high-performance computing has been exclusively the ownership of governmental institutions, universities and select industries such as aerospace and oil exploration. Being used traditionally for physics simulations and data analysis of extreme data volumes, HPC was typically without much commercial use outside their specific domains of science or industry. This is about to change [...]

Design of big data environments

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The new mantra of digital enterprises is to instrument your business. This means deploying sensors throughout the supply chain in the shape of IOT devices, to stream the collected data in near real time and finally to have enough compute power to perform data analysis on this data. arqitekta can help designing the infrastructure for [...]

Design of new target platforms for DevOps and legacy workloads

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Most private cloud solutions being sold today, whether it is a hyper-converged, vendor engineered stack or a homegrown virtualization environment, are nothing more than a bunch of hypervisors with addition of an orchestration layer to automate a few high-level provisioning processes. For hyper-converged stacks, a software layer has been introduced to enable scale-out storage and [...]

Re-platforming legacy workloads to private and public cloud

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The preferred platform today is x86 running either Linux or Windows. Transforming the legacy systems to this platform enables virtualization and even private and public cloud hosting. Often applications can be re-platformed because they rely on middleware and databases, which function identically on x86 platforms. The enabling factor is to test the application on newer [...]

Legacy system cost take-out

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When the discovery has been performed we use our domain experience to pinpoint areas of interest in the environment. This could be legacy systems, which traditionally has a high maintenance cost or collections of non-virtualized servers that needs to be understood. Combining our newly gained architectural knowledge of the systems, we will then try to [...]

Infrastructure transformation strategy development

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When this is done it is time to develop the transformation storyboard. This is a strategy and conceptual design for how the different systems and infrastructure platforms will be transformed. This storyboard will be the guide for the future transformation phases.

Cloud positioning of 2nd and 3rd platform workloads

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Many customers today have an ambition to utilize private and public cloud, but need help in defining the strategy for when to use cloud and what workloads to move there, based on technology constrains, cost savings and compliancy. arqitekta can assist in developing cloud guidelines, which are tailored specifically to the type of industry you [...]

Application portfolio discovery

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All transformations begin with a thorough discovery phase. From experience, CMDBs and manually maintained spreadsheets or databases do not describe a company’s infrastructure accurately enough or in a timely enough fashion. This is why arqitekta has developed a machine assisted rapid wall-to-wall discovery method that finds all endpoints, inventories servers, network and storage and finds [...]