Design of big data environments

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Design of big data environments

The new mantra of digital enterprises is to instrument your business. This means deploying sensors throughout the supply chain in the shape of IOT devices, to stream the collected data in near real time and finally to have enough compute power to perform data analysis on this data.

arqitekta can help designing the infrastructure for all three areas.

We can assist in down-selecting on the right type of IOT devices with the relevant type of sensors for your business, which is rugged enough for your environment and which is within your budget.

Furthermore, we can design the delivery network and mechanism for transporting the data to your data center or to a public cloud provider.

Finally, we have extensive design experience with regards to scale-up and scale-out database environments to give you the compute power you require for your analysis work. Whether you have OLAP or Hadoop type workloads, we can design the infrastructure that meets your requirements.

The latest addition to big data is to layer machine learning on top of your fast or slow data pipeline.

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