Oracle license right-sizing

//Oracle license right-sizing

Oracle license right-sizing

Most IT shops have an Oracle footprint. Whether we might only be talking Oracle databases or we are talking the whole enchilada of Oracle middleware, analytics and Oracle engineered stacks, such as SuperCluster, Exadata or Exalogic, no one seems to be able to escape Oracle as a vendor.

With Oracle’s ever-changing licensing rules and policies, it is increasingly difficult to estimate licensing cost over time. The latest of these changes was on January 23, 2017 when public cloud licensing costs doubled over night, unless of course you were an Oracle Cloud customer.

This, rather aggressive enticement model, designed to push customers further into the Oracle ecosystem, does not fare well with most customers, many of whom are already spending a disproportionate large share of their licensing budget on Oracle licenses.

Thus, minimizing the dependency on Oracle or at least minimizing the footprint consumed, is a priority with many IT shops.

arqitekta has met this demand with a novel architectural approach. By using the latest technologies such as NVDIMMs, NVMe over Fabrics and containers, combined with re-platforming to x86 for middleware and databases we can use ultrafast storage to reduce the CPU cores required to run workloads.

Typically we see 15-25% reduction in core count, which can amount to significant savings on the IT budget.

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