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Most of Arqitekta’s team members have more than eight years experience as an architect at major European corporations. We are highly industry-certified program-level architects with an extensive design experience in technologies such as UNIX, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and VMware, Citrix and security.

Our policy is that we only recruit top-level architects who have worked internationally. Most in our team are TOGAF certified and have routine in how to work in PMI PMP-type project structure.

Just like PMP defines roles and levels of project managers, our architects can fill the architectural roles defined, so that a PM8-9 program manager can be teamed with an A8-9 program level architect. Architects A4-A5 would be your average project architect and A6-A8 your senior architect. A9-A10 would be architects who repeatedly have proven themselves on the largest programs internationally.

arqitekta only recruits from level A6 and above.


John Vindahl Fabienke
John Vindahl FabienkeFounder and distinguished architect (A10 level)
  • More than 20 years of experience in infrastructure architecture
  • Lead architect and chief technologist at many major corporations internationally
  • 10+ years working abroad in the US and Europe
  • Years of line management experience of 150+ organizations
  • Nordic, Baltic, EMEA and global roles
  • Built and management multinational architect teams
  • Extensive product development experience with cloud and storage portfolios generating revenue in excess of one billion dollars
Edward Filistovic
Edward Filistovic Chief architect and certified trainer (A9 level)
  • More than 25 years of experience in the IT industry
  • Top-level certified trainer, won VMware EMEA Top Trainer award for 2017
  • Lead architect at many major corporations internationally
  • Program and line management experience of 25+ people
  • Nordic and Baltic roles
  • Extensive Cisco, Microsoft and VMware design experience

On top of this we have more than 10 freelance architects in our network. They are situated across Europe and one in the US.

This is a broad cross-section of their skills and experience.