Transformation of storage environments

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Transformation of storage environments

Depending on industry, storage amounts to 15-30% of the total infrastructure budget. Furthermore, storage consumption grows 20-40% on a yearly basis and cost of capacity decreases by only 12-18% a year. This means that careful planning is needed when laying out a strategy for a corporation’s storage platform to ensure that the cost is contained and well understood.

In most cases this is not performed and most corporations battle with increasing storage cost and a too low utilization of their storage assets.

CIOs need to understand the difference in TCO between buying an asset or leasing it, as well as new options of public cloud storage and even utility storage on premise.

This is where arqitekta has unique knowhow as we have spent half a career designing storage environments and service offerings, and we understand the full storage economy life-cycle.

For instance, areas like end-of-lease negotiations, public cloud exit cost scenarios and migration cost.

We can make an assessment of the complete environment, its utilization rate and cost, suggest changes and refresh scenarios according to the overall IT strategy and budget contraints.

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