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This diagram depicts an average corporation’s IT budget.

The majority of the total budget goes towards keeping the lights on, basically capital expenditure, leases, hardware and software maintenance and people.

Shown here with grey arrows are transformations we can help apply to a system portfolio. For every transformation step taken, there is a corresponding TCO savings, when measuring the full life-cycle cost of an infrastructure asset.

Please go to the “What we do” section to get a detailed description of each transformation step.


Transformation of storage environments

Depending on industry, storage amounts to 15-30% of the total infrastructure budget. Furthermore, storage consumption grows 20-40% on a yearly basis and cost of capacity decreases by only 12-18% a year. This means that careful [...]

Design of high-performance compute environments for machine learning

Until now, high-performance computing has been exclusively the ownership of governmental institutions, universities and select industries such as aerospace and oil exploration. Being used traditionally for physics simulations and data analysis of extreme data volumes, [...]

Design of big data environments

The new mantra of digital enterprises is to instrument your business. This means deploying sensors throughout the supply chain in the shape of IOT devices, to stream the collected data in near real time and [...]